Wooly Boys to air on the Starz channel Thanksgiving Day

Looking for the perfect family-friendly movie on Thanksgiving? Wooly Boys will be appearing on the Starz channel on Thanksgiving Day - November 24th, 2005 at 10:15 AM Eastern. The airing will be available in both standard and high-definition.

Wooly Boys will also be available on Starz On Demand (where available) from November 11 through December 8, 2005. Additionally, Wooly Boys is available for Internet download on Starz Ticket on Real Movies.

For DirecTV subscribers Starz is channel 520. For Dish Network subscribers Starz is channel 350. To find out if Starz is available in your area or to subscribe visit the Starz website.

available on DVD nationwide

Set in the heart of the breathtaking North Dakota Badlands, Wooly Boys is a contemporary family film that tells the hilarious and moving story of two cantankerous sheep ranchers, Stoney and Shuck.

Facing failing health, Stoney (Peter Fonda) is tricked into traveling to Minneapolis by his estranged daughter, Kate (Robin Dearden), in an attempt to get him medical treatment. There, Stoney is reconnected with his teenage grandson, Charles (Joseph Mazzello), an over-programmed, over-protected city boy, obsessed with computers and modern technology. After Stoney is 'imprisoned' in a hospital, his best friend Shuck (Kris Kristofferson), finds his way to the city in an attempt to break the old man free and grant him some dignity in his final days. Feeling that Charles needs to experience life instead of interacting with computers, Stoney takes the boy along as he and Shuck steal a hearse, and begin a madcapped journey back to the Badlands. With the FBI on their tail, Stoney's clock ticks away, as he finally gets the chance to know his grandson and reconnect with his daughter. Suddenly plopped into the role of rancher, Charles discovers his family roots and what it means to be a “wooly boy.” Ultimately a coming-of-age story for both Stoney and Charles, Wooly Boys is filled with humor and emotion and is a lesson in love and respect.

A story of life, love and regaining lost childhood, Wooly Boys will deliver laughs one moment and tears the next.

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